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You know all those wonderful Conservative parents who proceed to abandon, kick out, or cut off their children for any reason (including, but not limited to a child’s sexuality)?
Well here we go:

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
1 Timothy 5:8 (NKJV)


There’s nothing more magical than exploring the world on 2wheels. Hemingway certainly knew what he was talking about! (via Twitter / TtlWomenCycling: There’s nothing more magical …)

Why does it have to be 34 degrees outside on the day I was planning to do a bike/run brick?

March was a pretty productive month for me. 

93 miles running, 85 miles on the bike, 10 miles in the pool, and 11 miles backpacking, plus moving my apartment yesterday.

Life is good!

A message from Anonymous
What does your typical day and week look like? :)

Well, little grey, as I’m still a student, my days vary greatly from day to day. I’ll walk through a typical week, and that’ll help explain things. 

We’ll start with Monday for cohesion’s sake. My weekends are often spent on an weekend-long adventure, so Monday is the best place to start.

My days usually start with waking up at 7am. I prefer not to work out directly after waking up, as I’m usually dehydrated and stiff/sore, so I do my workouts in the late morning, afternoon or evening. I start the day with a big breakfast, often three eggs with toast or granola. Breakfast is hands down my biggest meal of the day. I then catch the bus to campus, where I have classes 10-4. In between classes I do homework, or I go up to the pool and swim or go to the track and run. These midday workouts are usually smaller, around 2000 yards swimming or 3-5 miles doing speed work at the track. Lunch is more of a grazing affair; I pack a sandwich or leftovers with Clif bars, apples, multiple oranges, pretzels, and other things that I munch on for the majority of the day. After classes are over, I catch the bus back home. If I don’t do a workout during the day, I’ll go for a outdoor run once I’m home, but before dinner. Then I’ll eat dinner, which is usually recovery-oriented, with complex carbs like brown rice or quinoa with chicken or fish for protein. Evenings are usually spent on homework, housework, or hanging out with my roommates and other friends.

Tuesday is very similar to Monday, except I don’t have morning classes. I start off with oatmeal for breakfast and then head to the pool for a midmorning brick workout, usually 2000-3000 yards swimming followed by a 6-8 mile run. As the weather is getting nicer I’ll probably start to switch it up and add bike rides, but now as I’m primarily focusing on a marathon I’m running a lot. After the brick, I have class 4-9 followed by a Pitt Outdoors Club meeting that I run.

Wednesday is my long class day. The schedule is the same as Monday, except I stay on campus until 9pm with night class.

Thursday mimics Tuesday in that I do a brick workout, but I don’t have any classes Thursday, so the brick is often a little longer, around 10-13 miles running, depending on my weekend plans.

Friday is a carbon copy of Monday’s schedule, except that now I’m looking forward to the weekend!

My weekends are spent one of two ways: the first is to disappear for the entire weekend on a backpacking, kayaking, or other form of adventure trip. These usually run Friday evening to Sunday evening, but I’m getting my workouts in a non-standard form by hiking over mountains or paddling over waterfalls.

The second option for my weekend is to sleep in until 8 on Saturday, then spend a few hours making sure I’m completely hydrated and fueled with oatmeal before I head out between 10 and noon for a long run. My long runs are around 20 miles right now; Last week I did 18 and two days ago I did 21, with another 20 planned for this coming weekend. I’m approaching the peak of my marathon training, and these long runs are crucial to being able to perform well. After my long run, I take the rest of the day off for errands, family, and whatever else suits my fancy. Sunday is usually a rest/recovery day, again with whatever I want it to be.

That’s pretty much how my weeks roll right now. It changes from semester to semester, and this summer I’ll be working full-time again, swimming before work and running after, with lots of triathlons, camping, kayaking and mountain biking in whatever time I can fit it.

Hope that answers your question, little grey!

A message from Anonymous
have you ever compared yourself to anybody? I find myself comparing my life and accomplishments with others and I feel like I'm lagging behind at life. Any thoughts?

First off, little grey, let me start by saying that I had to think about this for a bit, and came to the conclusion that no, I don’t really compare myself to others, either in accomplishments, milestones, or life in general. I think it’s much more important to realize that everyone’s on their own individual journey, and that comparing yourself to another is inherently comparing apples and oranges. You will have a different skill set, emotional makeup, or some other distinguishing characteristic from every other person in the world, and you’d have to take every one of those distinctions into account when comparing yourself to someone else.

Also, I think we tend to be our own worst critics, that we see our failures and shortfalls where others see our strengths. If this is the case, then any comparison you make will be tainted by the fact that you see your own cons amplified and everyone else’s pros magnified.

tl;dr I don’t think comparing yourself to others is the best way to measure yourself. Instead, focus on how far you have come compared to where you were days, months or years ago. I think you’ll be happily surprised with yourself, and by knowing where you are and where you were, you can set goals for your self-improvement and, importantly, can adjust your ideas and expectations for yourself based on things that happen in your life.








Every single one of your actions suddenly becomes epic when you listen to this

I play this in my car while I’m driving.

I’m getting married and walking down the aisle to this song

I decided this a long time ago

Try petting the cats to this.

Ima just gon reblog this a seventh time okay

life is EPIC

Running to get the computer charger

riding horse  

I just started doing random ass shit

I feel so filled with purpose




This video ALMOST makes me wish I was running Boston this year. 


Can’t wait.

This marathon, though…





Watch this video from Cadillac. Note a few things (actor, white, rich guy, workaholic, typical cocky American, very unrealistic). This is not a parody video, they’re being completely serious.

Now watch Ford’s response.

I can’t explain it very well just please watch both of these videos okay Ford burns Cadillac so bad okay it’s so good.

"That’s the upside of giving a damn."

You better hope winter is coming, bitch. You’re gonna need it for that burn.

Holy SHIT.

Ford fucking laying down the damn law.

Ha! Go Ford.


I try an do the same when possible


I try an do the same when possible

I think I’m ready for this marathon.

Got a 21-mile run plotted out for today. 

Time to buckle down and HTFU.


How many followers do I need to have before start getting curious anons for no reason?