I just can’t make up my mind. 

Is the extra $250 worth it for an extra 20mm of travel front and rear? (110mm vs 130mm)? Same rear shock, just different geometries yielding different travel. Stumpy has a Fox Evolution F130 RL fork and the Camber has a Fox Float Evolution RL 29 fork.

The only other difference between the two bikes is that the Stumpy has a SRAM X9 rear derailleur and the Camber has a Shimano XT Shadow rear derailleur. Other than that, they have identical specs.

Any opinions out there?

Gorammit. The Salsa Spearfish looks and feels great too!

All I did was ride it around the parking lot, but it soaked up curbs like they didn’t exist, climbed stairs with ease, and I’m all around impressed. It’s also more in my price range, I’ll be hard-pressed to afford anything over $2k. If I could find a Camber or a Stumpjumper in the 2010 or 2011 model I’d take it, but if I have to get 2012 the Spearfish just jumped to the front of the pack.

Mountain Bike Recommendations!

Anyone have any input on a new mountain bike?

I’m looking around $2000. I’m dead set on a 29er. Looking for a bike that can do it all, I’m a poor college kid who can’t afford a fleet. Sorta an XC/All-Mountain flavor is probably where I’m looking.

Options so far include:

Giant Anthem X 29 2

Giant Anthem X 29 4

Specialized Camber Comp 29

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29

Santa Cruz Tallboy LT

Santa Cruz Superlight 29

Trek Superfly 100 AL

Anyone own/ridden any of these, and have advice for me? Dirtrag and MTBR say good things about them all…